I'm a trained UX professional who has a sincere interest in solving strategic problems identified through user centred design. My ambition and maturity has been demonstrated having founded a startup while I in high school, taking graduate HCI courses as an undergrad, the publication of several patents and an academic paper, and most recently, shaping product strategy at a startup that was acquired by Microsoft.


After working in the technology field for several years I have witnessed many technology trends: 

  • Everyday computing moving from desktops/laptops to smartphones and smart devices (Echo)

  • Advances in AI that allow machines to reason about language, vision and speech

  • Big data and cloud computing revolution making insights cheap to discover

These advances have the potential of making a positive impact on humanity. Unfortunately, technology is often built in a vacuum, without consulting the people who will be interacting with the technology to understand their problems. This results in technology that is at best difficult to use or worse putting the lives of people in danger (i.e. texting and driving).


My work is focused on developing research methods that understand the challenges posed by today's technology and the underlying challenges people want technology to solve. Technology designers can use these approaches to develop more humane technology that is accessible to the greater society.


Maluuba Inc. (acquired by Microsoft)

Business Program Manager

​2012 - 2017

  • Conducted user studies to identify user scenarios for a personal assistant application for Android

  • Critiqued designs of personal assistant application and field tested application in preparation for global launch

  • Developed automated testing system which stress tested the application on real-world devices and scenarios

  • Defined corporate research strategy identifying trends in the voice assistant / AI space

Research in Motion (BlackBerry) Ltd.

Core UI Developer Intern


  • Added features to BlackBerry 7 Core UI Components (i.e. textbox) improving UX

  • Investigated and fixed Core UI bugs reported by testers and end users

Straightway Technologies Inc.

President & CEO


  • Developed software to correct quality issues on plant floor  (40K+ lines of C++)

  • Software licensed to Ford Motor Company


Macquarie University

Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science

Anticipated 2024

University of York

Master's of Science, Human Centred Interactive Technology with Distinction

Class of 2020

University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Computer Science, Minor Economics

​Class of 2013

Relevant Courses:

  • CS349: User Interfaces

  • CS489: Human-Computer Interaction

  • CS889: Open Source Usability

  • CS889: Advanced Interaction Paradigms

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